Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Work Diary

I am VERY lucky that I work as a part-time school librarian - only a few hours per day and only during term time which doesn't start until the end of the month so I'm still on holiday!
I always like to pretty up my work diary for the coming year as one of my holiday projects. Last year I doodled on the cover with moonlight pens,
and re-used my Term tabs and sari ribbon bookmark from the previous year
This year I decided that I would like to go in a different direction. It's really nice to use copies of your own work in a different way, so I decided to use this progress photo of a journal page from earlier in the month
This piece eventually became my "Transform Butterfly" - the first lesson in Life Book 2016, and the first page in my new art journal this year. I printed it on photo paper, and glued it to the front of my diary before adding  some lovely tape and my own lettering.
I've added some new tabs but managed to stitch on that same sari ribbon bookmark to the plain black ribbon again. 
It will make me happy to use this, but I'm also happy that I've got another couple of weeks before I have to!!

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  1. You're so lucky indeed that you have a job like that, Lynette! I love what you did with your diary - you will probably get some praising comments about it when you get it out in front of other people. Work stuff doesn't need to be boring!


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