Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Holiday Play : week 2

I haven't been able to get anything finished lately except for my documented life spread from last week (see my previous post) so thought I would share some of my distractions from the second week of our school holidays. We had a cold snap - had to purchase some new merino. Loving the jewel colours :-)
Unfortunately I read 180 pages of this book
and then decided I didn't care enough about the characters/plot to finish the rest of this more than 600 page novel! Do you finish novels because you feel you should - I figure life is too short and there are lots of great reads out there. In fact, I re-read an old favourite
I've been interested in the release of the TV series Outlander - the characters don't look like I pictured them, but the previews make me think I should give this a try.
It was week 15 of Documented Life project
We did have a day of blue skies and a trip to the beach - even though it was chilly, it's still my fav way to recharge 
My big boy played in a 2-day high school basketball tournament in Wellington - we had an early morning on Saturday but it was worth every minute to watch them comfortably take the semi-final and then win the tournament.
I also spent some time catching up on looking at other people's arty blogs - this is a cool technique by Dyan Reaveley - I quite often use baby wipes to apply paint on my pages. 

I'm interested Dina Wakley's new fine tip applicators 
and who says adults are too old for colouring in?
Click here for the post to download these cool designs
I've packed my youngest up and sent him off to school camp for a week, and the rest of us are back to normal routines. Hopefully I'll have some art to share with you soon.

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