Sunday, February 1, 2015

Work diary

Hello February! With a new year comes a new work diary....and a plain black one is no fun. Last year I transformed my diary with washi taped edges and a Bic white-out correction pen :
- you can see more photos of it HERE. This year, I wanted to give my diary a different look, but some of last year's diary pieces could be recycled :-)
My front cover for 2015 utilises 2 of the tapes from last year, and I used my lovely moonlight pens which appeared recently on a journal page HERE, and I know look fabulous on a black background as evidenced HERE.
Some tapes from last year were able to be lifted and used again to edge pages
I re-used my 4 Term tabs
and even re-used my sari ribbon bookmark - I cut it off and stitched it down over the plain black ribbon marker but used white stitching as a feature this time
I haven't gone as crazy as I did last year with using washi tape on every page, but they mark my holiday breaks
Term 1 starts tomorrow. I love my work diary - it makes me smile when I see it :-) 

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