Sunday, February 15, 2015

LB2015 : Seeds of Love

This next Life Book project was created by Tam - the organiser of this year of online mixed-media art classes. When I'd completed my last Life Book project, I looked at what I'd created so far this year, and set myself a challenge to change or at least extend my colour palette for this next lesson. Usually I just set off and pick colours that call to me as I go - this time I wanted to see if I could create without using turquoise or purple... I started with a layer of papers and washi tape alongside my documented life project for the week (see my previous post)
Then I gathered my Blue/Pink/Orange/Yellow watercolour crayons and applied them before adding layers of gesso and stamping
click on any photo to see it larger
This starts out soft and pretty as you can see, but as I worked on the layers, it got bright - maybe too bright?
and as it progressed it became what I felt was heavy and disappointing. I finished one evening by adding some white to lighten it up, and had to walk away hoping I would feel better in the morning. 
My friend Wendy at Late Start Studio recently shared 3 simple questions she developed for 13 year olds to critique their work - figured they might be useful for me to try here :
1. What, specifically, don't you like? It doesn't have the light loveliness of the teacher's demo - I am sad I have lost the soft and pretty colours I started with in my base 
2. What details do you like? (so you can do it again, and share with someone who is struggling) I like the curve of the stem and the leaf shapes and I love the pink, orange and the lighter blue colours. I like how the paper/tape layer still shows through. 
3. What are some ways you can improve on what you've done? - step away 4 steps and look at what the work might need I could try adding some lighter colours - and I know that I need to add doodles as a later step so maybe I shouldn't be too critical until I'm actually done!
With those questions answered, I moved to adding some soft lemon and lavender (managed to keep away from my usual purple!). Then I redefined my black lines and added a border of black machine zig zag stitch. And I felt much better about it.
This lesson was about contrasts, and what's interesting is comparing the different stages in black and white. First, the above photo in black and white
When compared with the previous stage that I was unhappy about in the morning (below), you can see my contrasts are much clearer now. That's an interesting exercise.
And then it was time to add doodles and extra elements with white and black pens
With a reminder to keep pushing myself out of my comfort zone 
You don't know where that might take you. And I'm happy with the completed piece :-)
You can see all my posts about Life Book HERE and I've created a Flickr album for all my Life Book projects HERE (if you check that out you'll see I met my challenge of changing my colour palette this time!) Did you see my fabric envelope for storing my pages until they are ready to be bound? 
How are you storing your Life Book pages?


  1. Thanks for the credit Lynette! I'm so glad the uestions helped.

    Changing it to the black/white image really does help with composition, our eye gets fooled by the colour I think. And yes, sometimes we do pass judgement way to early! What struck me was how far you had made yourself move from all the lovely soft edges you use even to the point of using black outlines. In the end you've softened it with the details but in quite a different way . . . almost an element of Miro in there! To start with lines of washi tape and then overlay it with such dramatic curves must have been really difficult . . . definitely brave!

  2. Wow again. You rock!
    I love how you push yourself in colour and style.

  3. Hey what white pen do you prefer and also can you recommend a great white stamp pad? I got a Stayz on one for Christmas and am not that impressed with it actually. The black is as good as everyone says though.


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