Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Week 8 : DLP 2015

Information about the FREE Documented Life Project is HERE.
A few weeks ago the challenge was to use under paper. You may remember that I was taken with a page where I could immediately see a house with a heart inside. Since part of this week's challenge is "It's worth repeating" I thought I would repeat the idea of using under paper to kick-start my page. Here it is glued into position.
The very first thing I did was to add some red paint to some fine corrugated card and used that to stamp in the roof shape of the house. 
Then I added some green swirls on the right with that lovely roller I used for water in my last post, and repeated it as well on the left of the page. It's nice to start with something you know you will like! I have a really cool Teresa Collins stencil which I bought on holiday last year. I used that to add the people (altered to get our 2 boys with their different heights) and the word family. Then I wanted to add more blue around the page for balance, so I added the heart on the roof, and then applied it through a chicken-wire shaped stencil on the left. Used up some green paint to repeat that stencil design and pick up the green colour a bit more.
You may remember that in my last spread in this journal, I machine stitched the journaling section - you can see that original stitching quite clearly showing beneath the glued under paper when I first started here :
The blue and green paint additions were a little dark for journaling, so I applied a bit of gesso and wiped it over with a damp baby wipe. Then I wanted to enhance my journaling sections so I rubbed over the stitch with a neocolor crayon - I like the effect that gave. 
You might also notice that I applied some of that neocolor in the sky area, and on the right hand side. It's good to repeat colours across your page as well as repeating shapes. I had made some cards where I had stamped some flowers onto book paper. I had a couple left of those and they worked well as a repeating element for clouds. 
I know I want to add more at this point, but want to keep it fairly simple and keep the focus on the family. Also thinking I might try leaving that white space - something I am not known for!! 
Wine corks are fun to use - it worked well to add some extra interest to the sky. I like that they stamp unevenly. 
click on any photo to see it larger
One of my regularly repeated elements in my art is butterflies, so one also had to appear here.
To head up the journaling space, I wrote the words with neocolor crayon, and then went over them with a water brush to blend.
I added some stamped swirls to the sides of my house, and then wanted to attend to that gap on the right. I have enjoyed adding 1/2 circle borders to my work as I did here. It was a simple matter to repeat that idea with neocolor crayons. 
You don't need to get too complicated when you are adding finishing touches
You can see all my posts about this project HERE and I've created a Flickr album for all my Documented Life 2015 spreads HERE.


Sue Rostron said...

Well all I can say is yet more lovely work thanks for the inspiration.

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

A wonderful page Lynne. Full of soft colours and textures. Love it!

Wendy Watson said...

I've just visited some of the posts I've missed and as I quickly scrolled back up, couldn;t help noticing the colours, paua and fire!

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