Sunday, August 3, 2014

Me Time Messages 3

Over at the blog of Miscanthus Crafts you'll find free instructions for creating envelopes with messages that you personalise. There's going to be 6 week's worth in all, and I thought you might like to see how the demo envelopes differ from my own
Cover :
By Clare Lloyd of Miscanthus Crafts
by me
Envelope 1 : 
by Clare Lloyd
And here's both sides of mine :
I am always fascinated to see how the same instructions can produce such different results! Envelope 2 by Clare Lloyd :
Envelope 2 by me :
Now it's time to share my envelope #3 - instructions HERE
Started with another coloured envelope - a smaller one this time. Ignored the step of applying gesso so I could keep my pink background, and moved to the instruction of applying ink through a stencil - I used a sponge and an ink pad. Loved the effect on the first side
and decided to go for a different and more subtle colour variation on the other side - also loving this
Next step to apply some stamping and embossing
Used Tim Holtz Distress Embossing Powders. This yellow colour is Antique Linen and the greyed blue below is Weathered Wood.
This is the same flower stamp I used for Envelope 2. Here the upper flower was indistinct...and I'm not sure about that colour choice. My solution is usually to add more! Used one of my own hand-carved stamps to add embossed feathers
Click on any photo to see the details larger
Liked this much better, so went ahead and added more embossing to the other side
Feeling lots happier. Next instruction was to add some shine and texture - although these embossing powders are not as glitzy as others, they add lots of texture and some glimmer. I decided to add extra shine and texture by stitching around the envelope with metallic thread
Now time to add words and images. My subject for this envelope was to be careful of what I say - sometimes I say too much...with the boys I'm still trying to learn that keeping it brief is most effective. I also need to pick my times to say things - because I'm always ready to receive communications I forget that when they're immersed in something we need them to do, it's not the right time to introduce another subject!
Kept my words on the envelopes to a minimum as well ;-)
Half way through the project
Let me know if you're playing along too - see all my postings from this workshop HERE

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Clare Lloyd said...

Stencilling looks great!

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