Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Butterfly Stitching

When we went on our South Island holiday, I had a lovely visit to Broomfields' store in Christchurch. They have a huge selection of needlework and tapestry supplies
It is a gorgeous shop to wander in if you love stitching and I could have spent a lot of money there but, still being Thrifty, I limited myself to a lovely piece of seafoam coloured linen and a card of variegated thread.
Click on the photo so you can see the linen better :-)
I've recently picked them up and am using this pattern as the base of my own butterfly stitchery
Mine will be less formal than the original pattern. This is my first butterfly
The pink thread is the tacking line I have marked to define the edge of my stitching so that I can mount this on canvas when done.

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