Friday, July 25, 2014

Watercolour Calendar Journaling

This calendar spread continued my birthday week theme with more celebrations (the butterfly was a label on one of my gifts) and I got my creative mojo back. This time I sprayed through a stencil for lovely background colour and used another fav technique of found words from a large print book. 
click on any photo to see it larger
This was the stencil and spray that I used - it's actually just some diecut paper but holding up quite well so far.
I used the same technique as I did HERE of spraying through the stencil for the left hand page, and then pressing the right hand page over so you get a print from the remaining ink. No proper photo sorry because I didn't expect to be blogging about it :-)
Sam's birthday is a week after mine
I'm enjoying including photos in the journal, and also included a blank party invitation to journal about his friends' party. 
I love this entire spread, due in no small part to all the colour...

You can see all my calendar journal pages in my flickr set HERE. 

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