Sunday, July 27, 2014

Me Time Messages 2

Last week I shared my cover and envelope #1 from the 6-week workshop on the blog of Miscanthus Craft
Go HERE for the instructions for envelope #2 - here's how mine developed
click on any photo to see it larger
This layer of red paint is a bit messy, but I'm okay with that. Love what the black stamped design layer adds - this is more my style.
Then we had to add a large stamp using paint. On my first side I had too much paint on the stamp, but I like this look
I pressed the wet painted flowers down on a blank journal page to transfer some of the paint that was too blobby - a nice start to another calendar journal page
On the other side of the envelope I used less paint on the stamp = more defined flowers
Then it was time to add some words and images. My focus for my "me time message" inside this envelope was on trying to make healthier food choices and to get back to running as well as the gym (which I have managed to get back to this week). I know I was happier with myself and more energised a month ago before I got sick and my good habits lapsed. Here are the 2 sides of the envelope completed
Looking forward to doing envelope #3 - I haven't looked at the instruction video yet, but the blogpost says "get out your masks and inks" so that sounds very me :-)
Hope you fit some creativity into your week.


  1. Your project Lynne for week 2 looks great and glad you found the blog . Your colours are fabulous and looking forward to seeing more of your work for me time messages.
    x catherine


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