Friday, July 18, 2014

Inspiration and more free classes discovered

It is winter here in New Zealand, and some days you just need to take some time to cosy up and be inspired online ::
Traci Bautista has brought out a new book about Printmaking. Read about it on her blog HERE and have a peek inside via Amazon HERE. Very tempted to use some of my birthday money on this one!
She's got lots on her blog to inspire you, and for July she has 31 days of inspiration prompts : go HERE for the list and her photo posts of days 1-7. This is a preview of the course she is offering in conjunction with the book. Register HERE (it's not going on the free list though!) - fabulous ideas ::

Also she has just brought out a line of stencils with Stencil Girl - go HERE to see her post about them and links to the blog hop. This promo video again has lots of awesome ideas for using stencils

Go HERE if you want to see all the posts where Traci has shared a video.
Donna Downey stopped doing her Inspiration Wednesdays, Effy Wild decided she'd do her own series. It's called Wildly Inspired Wednesday and it's free to join, but you need to sign up.

There's a free video demonstrating her process every week sharing total freedom in her art journal and creating with wild abandon. She started these in Feb 2014, and as I write this post, there are 11 episodes up, all of which you can view at any time.
A new follower alerted me to a free 6-week workshop called Me Time Messages which began earlier in July. Read the first post HERE
The first week there are 4 videos, but after that one goes up weekly. Get everything she's posted HERE.
I've shared the link to the Artstronauts Club before because it is such a good price!
Read all about it at Teesha's blog HERE. In my holidays I decided to try it for one month, and I can now share first hand that if you love Teesha's work and funky and colourful ideas, you will love this site and get MORE than your money's worth. There are free printables, loads of videos, inspirational photos and articles. It covers all sorts of journaling, lettering, doodling, as I would have expected, but also a lot of other art forms eg. glass/clay/wood burning/fabric arts and general ideas to kickstart your creativity.....AND it's not just the work of Tracy and Teesha. Their goal is "to have this meeting place that consistently has new sources of inspiration in the form of video workshops, interesting ideas, relevant articles and how-to’s, downloadable art and art supplies (like collage sheets, patterns, etc.), tips on new art supplies and books, random quirky stuff and a forum to share ideas and your own art. We want to have a smorgasbord of stuff that enhances your creative life." They have succeeded. I could spend hours there!
Hope you find something there to inspire a creative weekend.
I have updated my list of cheap and FREE online artful classes with this information - you can always get to that list in my right side bar.

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