Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Work diary transformed

I was really tempted to take part in the free Documented Life Project this year - the planners they are working in look so yummy.
Then I reminded myself that I already do my weekly calendar journaling, and it would be silly to split my energies and be repeating this process in my home appointment diary.
Happily, I've just started a new job and got this diary for my work planning and appointments.
One night's play with my tape stash and a Bic white-out correction pen and now I have a work diary that will make me feel happy every time I open it :-)
Colourful sari ribbon stitched over the original
black ribbon place marker


  1. What a wonderful idea! It's beautiful! Your colleagues will be so jealous.

  2. I love it! I bet you start a new trend at work.

  3. Lovely.......It is so nice to use something so beautiful all year

  4. Such a lovely idea to customise your diary ... the tapes and the bic pen are inspired. Do you work on the insides as well? I was pleased to hear about the earrings ... so nice that you sort of got a bit of me and Philippa ... she does make gorgeous jewellery ... lots of love hun xx

  5. I love what you have done to your diary! So cute.

  6. Oh love that you could use what you have and make it oh so pretty! Well done!

  7. Wow...thats great! A joy to use I should think..... x

  8. I love this transformation. I really want to try it and do something similar to it.

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