Sunday, February 23, 2014

Watercolour calendar journaling

Last week's calendar journaling started when I sprayed the background for this piece
Once I sprayed over the stencil there was lots of ink remaining on the top.
I pressed this watercolour page over the top of it and this was the lovely effect
I've been wary of sprays bleeding through on the pages, but this didn't, I think because it was a pressing down to catch a bit of colour instead of a spray to really wet the page.
I took a lot of process photos this week so if you are doing a similar project there are some ideas for you - and also a good capturing of ideas for me for future pages.
Started the first day base with watercolour crayons again, this time to make the journaling lines.
Did some gardening on Sunday before it got too hot, so glued down some dried hydrangea petals.
I like to vary how I frame the days and do the headings - these star stickers and lettering stencil help to add variety
I outlined bits of the background sprayed stencil to highlight the pattern as a more obvious element on the page
We have been swimming a lot this week and I wanted to capture some words about that. First made some squares with Twinkling H2Os
then wrote words on the squares using different styles of lettering. I also found the wing in the pool!
This week I finished reading this book
Some great quotes can be found there so I wrote one in the journal, and outlined it with hand stitching. It's a bit hard to read the metallic pen in the photo :: "Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure"
Also been to see "Saving Mr Banks" - a must-see movie. Made me want to research PL Travers life in more detail and re-read the Mary Poppins books :-) Having the photo of the characters will remind me of the movie the minute I open to this page without having to read the diary entry.
A busy week and love the variety of the entire spread. You can seen the making of the left hand page here, and click on any photo to see the images larger.
You can see all my calendar journaling pages in my flickr set HERE.

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Caatje said...

Lovely pages. I especially like the 'always ad stitch' part. It does seem to make everything look better, doesn't it? ;-)

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