Sunday, April 29, 2012

Little Girl's Quilt

I finised the second baby quilt last week. You might remember the fabrics gathered here.
This one is for a wee girl and started off like this
The colours were fine, but the balance of pattern interest was off...
until I added butterflies
I added some fusible to the back of a couple of butterfly print fabrics, then fussy cut and ironed them on. They have now been edge stitched as part of the quilting.
Thrilled with the end result.
So pretty don't you think?


  1. Love the butterflies and the way you've quilted them!

  2. Beautiful quilt Lynette, love the butterflies, great gift for a little girl.

  3. More than pretty - and very clever

  4. What a difference the butterflies make Lynette - stunning!

  5. I DO think!!! It's way past pretty! I hope you saved all those fused scraps -eve the itty bitty ones- to make art with!!!

  6. I think it's well beyond Pretty!!! Absolutely beautiful work, thank you so much for sharing it just gorgeous to look at :)


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