Sunday, April 15, 2012

Feed your mind

Finally made it to Wellington yesterday to see the Wedding Dress exhibition at Te Papa.
Gorgeous gowns - beautiful fabrics and lace and shoes and veils and fabulous designers - if you didn't make it or would like to look back at what was on show, check out these blog posts from Te Papa. So inspired.
Deb went with me to the wedding dress expo, and afterwards showed me another website to love -- gorgeous fashion and stunning use of fabrics : Mackenzie mode
Have at last caught up on blogposts from when I was away and had to share a few gems ::
Gorgeous quilted creations  and sketchbook workings in the Design Matters gallery of recent student work.
Gorgeous machine quilting too by Kate Themel
Amazing red thread journal dress made by Ruth Rae.
New discoveries for me : Kim Henkel whose talents include book making and gorgeous tea bag art.
Yes and Amen blog - Junelle Jacobsen creates simply lovely art journal pages.
Have also been enjoying some lovely library books recently :
Although I can't draw, there's still lots to inspire me in this book, including ideas for overcoming first page jitters, designing your pages and some journal prompt ideas. :
Take a peak inside via amazon
If you can't get hold of the book, or you just want more there is a blog too.
It also led me to discover Laure Ferlita -- she has come up with this really cool concept called Imaginery that's something I'd like to try for a themed art journal :-)
And Pam Johnson Brickell does beautiful watercolours too - she calls herself a Nature Artist - but I am drawn to her work because of her calligraphy and lettering on her pages.
On the Fiction front :
Enjoyed this read over Easter - lovely cover, subject matter not at all related to Easter!
Currently enjoying
We are half way through our school holidays...hoping to get onto something creative this week. How about you?


Katherine said...

All these links are going to keep me happy for ages - just as well Ive got the next 2 days off!!

Sam said...

Lots of links to have a look at when I find the time! Your holiday photos in your previous post look amazing, hope you had a fab time x

Kim Henkel said...

Hello, and thanks for visiting my blog and posting about it here. I had a lovely visit to your site, and enjoy seeing your lovely creations and pictures of the beautiful part of the world where you live. Thanks also for the other links, I will check them out.


Margaret said...

Lovely post, thank you for the great links, it didn't occur to me that Te Papa has it's own blog, really nice to see! Mx

Anni - Fabric and Mixed Media Art said...

Hi Lynette thanks for sweet comments, great links you are sharing,I do not think I have time to visit other blogs tonight,thanks for sharing these very interesting links.

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