Friday, March 30, 2012

Workshop Thursday

Can't believe how quickly this week has gone by. Yesterday I finally got going on that second baby quilt
And in the spirit of tackling projects on Thursday, I decided to get stuck into my fabric cupboard. It started like this!
3 bags of fabric to the recycling centre later and making use of my new plastic drawers, my cupboard is free for other uses and my fabrics are now arranged like this :-)
Still going on the lists - 4 more to show you today
Yesterday's base page
List 28 : My last meal would include
And the day before
List 27 : If I could do it over again...
And the final 2 catch-up lists from last week :
Base page 23
List 23 : Confessions
I liked the idea of hiding them in an envelope
Also cool to have that initial L in the background.
Base page 24
List 24 : I am famous for
And that means only 2 lists left!

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