Sunday, March 18, 2012

A week of lists

Sharing a whole week of lists this post. Sorry it's so many in one go, but if I don't share it today you'll have to wait another week!
Click on any picture to see it bigger....
This was base page 11
List 11 : Right now I am...
I loved the base page bird cage paper which I mainly covered up, but I had some lovely rub-ons in the same theme so just went crazy with those....turns out I really like this page although I didn't feel inspired when I started.
Base page 12 was a plain white page which I re-based with stripey paper
List 12 : Superpowers I would like to have
Decided I would use an old plastic gift bag to create a see-through envelope for a tag for this one. On one side of the tag I have listed the super powers I would like to have
and on the other - the super powers I already possess that I wouldn't want to give up!
The Mummy Look is -- "I can't find it, we need a mummy look" which always seems to work. "Do everything at once woman" is what Craig says I am - can't just do one thing at a time.
Base page 13 - a piece of leftover wrapping paper
List 13 : 10 Years ago I...
Note the spray through stencil in the background - a little spider webby I thought (no link to the list though!)
Base page 14 was simply a blank piece of watercolour paper. I went the painty way. I have plenty of creative tools and toys...just need more time to spend with them.
List 14 : Tools and Toys to try
Base page 15 was just black paper so I glued a black based serviette down.
I really liked the effect of the serviette and on a much later page in the book you'll see that I've glued down the same serviette's centre layer. It's kind of ghostly with some print of the top layer butterflies showing through.
List 15 : Overheard today
Base page 16 - a small piece of serviette glued down
List 16 : Pet Peeves
Base page 17 - a larger piece of the serviette above
List 17 : Favourite days of the year
Enjoying 30 Days of Lists....need to get back to spending more time on the Letter Love class (I'm missing it) and that other baby quilt. One day I'll have some more spare time...just not this week! Enjoy the end of your weekend.


  1. love that you acknowledge the super-powers you already have - and I so remember trying the wiggly nose trick in the days of watching Bewitched!!

  2. This is a great blog post Lynette...I really enjoyed it and would love to have a go at those lists (if only I didn't have 10 other projects on the go :-/ )

  3. Lovely, lovely, lovely - that's why you deserve an award!!! Check my blog for details!


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