Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sam is 7

My youngest had his birthday last week. Like his mother, he spread his birthday over a few days :-)His mother has been making birthday cakes, hosting parties, and has had 2 days at the new job. Feeling a little bit boggled, but sure I will feel better after a week of it when I have my head around things a bit more. These things help my perspective:
I am currently reading this wonderful book Purchased this lovely Sari Ribbon from Tracy WhiteAnd I continue to be inspired by more jewellery projects and ideas that I don't really think I have time for at the moment, while being aware that July is just around the corner and I have a calendar challenge to work on...Hope to see you on Friday 1st!

1 comment:

Debrina said...

7 already??? Omg! He looks heaps like hubby too! He's growing up quick, aye? Jase is 4 years younger.

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