Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Good news

A few things to be happy about. First off, I have just started a new job at the Palmerston North City Library. It is a 3 month contract working school hours, and I am so excited to be involved again with projects and staff at an exciting time of change.
When I got home from work today there was an email to say that I am a blog giveaway winner! I hardly ever win things so this is especially exciting. I am going to receive a shell stitch project from Jenni in South Africa. Will share when it arrives.
I have started a new hand stitching project at last. Here is a taste. More soon. I love the library with the opportunity to try out so many great books. This was my latest good fiction read.And although I don't usually create jewellery, this book has some wonderful ideas in it.Might just have to try making a charm bracelet like the one shown here, and she also has instructions for some delicious crocheted flowers which she puts on wristbands but which I might try on a new knitted hat!
Of course there are some books that you just have to own. I originally borrowed this from a friend, and then kept thinking about it. Now the proud owner. This cover doesn't prepare you for the luscious colour of the beautiful projects inside. It includes several different methods for making silk paper, and many ideas for creating lovely stitched projects, including books and vessels such as this.Another review with a few pictures from inside the book here.
Hope you are having a happy week.

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