Saturday, March 12, 2011

Weekend agenda

This is my first effort for the Holey Moley workshop. It was a pre-class exercise making Japanese Kusudama flowers. Fun but I won't be making a whole bunch!
Lots on this weekend :
I am gathering up things for the Flower Power section of Holey Moley.
Wanting to finish my tyvek piece for the Mixed Media Melange workshop.
Working at Awapuni branch library Saturday morning.
Hoping I have some time this month to have a go at Michelle Ward's latest crusade which looks very cool and could actually turn into a whole mini-journal if you let it!
And considering this international postcard swap with iHanna - she also gives plenty of ideas for creating the postcards here. Have to sign up by 18th March if you are interested.... I like to have incentives to create, but don't want to overcommit - it's a fine line at the moment :-)
Plus we have to pack for school camp - Jacob leaves for 3 days to Castlepoint on Monday.
Plus Craig played a the Regent last night for the Quake Relief concert and is playing at Relay for Life tonight.
At least we had a bye for cricket this weekend!
Hope you have a creative weekend....

1 comment:

Katherine said...

Beautiful kusudama flower.......and Michelle Ward's latest crusade would be fun to do and to look back on in time to come!

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