Thursday, March 3, 2011

Calendar challenge : Feb/March

February always speeds by so fast - there are so many things going on with kids going back to school and the new routines of the year to settle into - and it was only a 28 day month as well.
This is a reminder of how my February spread started And these are my completed February pages. As the month progressed I added the title, the days' entries, and some stamps between the days, and then looked at it for quite a while last night wondering how to complete it. In the end I decided to just paste on the red roses and move onto March.This month was inspired by NZ Book week....base made of torn book pages (from last year's library book sale). The daily squares are gesso outlined with a lovely thick Pitt brush pen - I also used that pen for the stencilled month title. The black and white also reminds me of all the newspaper reports about the Christchurch earthquake - it is appropriate that it is a bit stark as the country works through this disaster.
If you are in Palmerston North, check out the Palmerston North City Library's events for NZ Book month - including the library book sale, and visits from fabulous NZ authors like
And if you want to see more calendar art check out the Flickr group or check out all the new blog links for March at the Kathryn Wheel
Have a happy March everyone.


  1. Hi Lynette, what lovely pages you have created...the addition of those roses on Rebruary was a great idea! Also very creative to use torn book pages to mark NZ book week and as a reminder of the disastrous earthquake :(

  2. wow I love your feb page,
    what an amazing idea for your march page
    (love it)

  3. Clever idea for March, and Febs look great filled in x

  4. just Love the elegance of your Feb pages!!!! The red roses are amazing!!!.....Loving all the text on your March pages! so creative - thank you for all your inspiration! Hugs Juls

  5. Love your pages, you have some great ideas :-) And yes, March is great way to remember the NZ earthquake. Well done for keeping up with the challenge so far. Looking forward to seeing your April pages already! Kate

  6. love your march pages! I'm a sucker for black and white

  7. love your March pages, what a wonderful creative idea and great way to remember this tragedy. The roses on Feb are stunning.

  8. ooooooh...LOVE the text on your March page. P.s also love your hearts for CHCH. Beautiful x

  9. Wow, love your Feb pages and your March ones are wonderful!!!

  10. Wow, your pages are great!!!
    Good idea to use diamonds on feb
    and i love march!!! Wonderful!!!
    Greetings, Anne

  11. Love your idea of using gesso for the daily squares......and a great idea to use the library book sale books, now you'll have the perfect excuse to buy more this weekend to replenish your supplies!!

  12. Two great pages, love them both, and the idea to use papers relating to the tragedy is brilliant.

  13. Love your pages especially the black and white for March. The Christchurch disaster was a shock even at the other side of the world. x
    I have a few friends who live in NZ and it is such a shame as you have a beautiful country.
    Our thoughts are with you all. x
    Regards Erika.

  14. very beautiful ! I love the background of march !

  15. Love both your pages, but especially the march one!


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