Wednesday, March 2, 2011

In my world

Still can't share any artful creations yet, so here are some other things from my little corner of the world in the meantime:
In February I read this which was enjoyable
and this which was incredible....
This DVD was great entertainment for the whole family
and this DVD was a bit of light action fun - entertaining for a quiet night in with my man
Trees came down in our backyard yesterday - 2 huge elms that were getting way too big and cutting a lot of light on our property and neighbouring ones too. I highly recommend "Town and Country Tree Care Ltd" (0800 869626) if you live in the Palmerston North area. They are based in Bulls and were efficient, friendly, and cleaned up after. Very happy with the results. We now have more light, plus heaps of firewood and mulch for the garden :-)
Happy thoughts :
Angie Hughes' latest work in 2 very different altered books : white and floral
Lots of beautiful coloured Mexican images being posted by Pam Garrison lately and go see the photos of Geninne too : this post and scroll back through a bit - wonderful sense of colour and composition
Talk to you again soon

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  1. Looks like they did a great job with the trees - what did Baxter think of it all?!
    And thanks for more good book titles - they are now sitting snugly in my little bee book waiting for my next library visit!


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