Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fairy Shoes

Tomorrow my Gran turns 100! She is lucky that her birthday is on Waitangi Day - this is a public holiday in NZ so she has always had a holiday for her birthday. The good news for me is that I still have a way to go to get to middle-age if I follow her lead :-)
I wanted to stitch her something special to mark the occasion.
First a hand-made card and stamped envelope - I thought I would follow a fairy themeHer fabric treasure box is the same pattern which I used for my Mum's 70th presentAnd inside - fairy shoes. I have been wanting to make some for a while. Although they look quite big in the photo, they only measure 9cm from toe to heel. I hope she can use them to wander down memory lane... Thanks to Annette Emms for publishing the original pattern in a magazine some years ago - if you want to make some, the pattern is now available from her Etsy store


  1. These are gorgeous - and I love your comment about wandering down memory lane in them!!

  2. These are so pretty, and all packaged up in the cute little box. What a gorgeous gift.

  3. Hi Lynette, your little shoes are so pretty. Lucky Grandma!
    Thank you so much for the mention on your blog.Have a look at the next issue of 'Stitch', there's an article on Pixie Boots.xx Annette

  4. Love the fairy shoes - time I found some in the garden!


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