Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sharing the love

A lot of linky blog love for you today because I haven't shared much of that with you lately :-)
I have been reading
Loving the latest Art Journaling magazine :It has a lot of lovely work in it which makes me just want to run off and try the techniques. Included is Roben-Marie Smith who is greatly inspired by Dina Wakley - and it shows in the work featured in this publication :-)
I ordered the digital publication of this - also a goodie to have, and featuring some of my favourite artists. Go here if you want your own.
This book was a good discovery at the library. Click on the cover to go to the Amazon preview. The introduction poses interesting questions around perceptions about quilts and their place in the art world. Some fantastic quilts/fibre art featured in here. My fav new or re- discoveries were Deirdre Adams, Karen Kamenetzky, and Margot Lovinger. I was happy to see Robbi Joy Eklow in there too.
I have been watching We own them all on DVD now and are up to watching Season 3. My husband and I can watch this together and both find it hilarious :-)
I have been creating
Another simple image transfer - this time a photocopy (not a newly made one either) onto a painted page : go here for the YouTube instructions.
And I am gathering materials for the next lesson for Mixed Media Melange....mmmmm sheer lovelies.
If you need some new project ideas or a new challenge
Brand new and exciting website : - has a lovely free mixed media e-book
And this free e-publication has lots in it too :
There is also a new crusade for this month from Michelle Ward - they are worth checking out to do yourself, or to check out the people who participate.
If you want to take an online class
I think I may have mentioned Mixed Media Melange before ;-) Join in anytime now
And I am also tempted by ALL of these :
Kiwi Carole has another online book class coming up which looks divine : April - Dec 2011
An online festival : The Artful Gathering is coming in July where you can take courses for a month
And you may remember I have had some past fun with spray paints and stencils, so this mixed media course by Roben-Marie Smith (yes the chicky from the Art Journalling mag above) is a great temptation - Mixed Media Mayhem Online - Ahhhhh - check out the slide show : open now
If you just want to look at some lovely stuff
Here's a very cool and different textile 'take' on the sketchbook project by Carol McFee
And another stunner (gorgeous in its 'bloodiness'!) by Carolyn Saxby
Beautiful in an entirely different way - go to Teesha Moore's latest absolutely stunningly gorgeously composed and colourful journal pages
And let's finish with this very pretty post from Alisa Burke at CHA - love the butterflies (CHA is a tradeshow for vendors in the states from the Craft & Hobby Association)

Whew - Hope you made it all the way through with me!


Katherine said...

Oh no Ive done it again - called in for a quick peek just before heading to bed, and there are so many inspirations here, if I look at them all tonight I wont get to sleep!!
Your transfer worked well - did it matter at all getting the background paper wet? Looking forward to seeing all your sheer lovelies in action!

Erilyn said...

Thanks Lynette - lovely lot of places to visit!

Jacqui said...

Love your blog Lynette and always appreciate the links you give .. also love your art work

PaulineC said...

Thanks so much for all these super links. I joined Mixed Media Melange thanks to your link. Love what you are doing there. I have just started on it! I have now also joined a sketchbook workshop with Alisa Burke thanks to your link.

Lynette (NZ) said...

Pauline - Yay - look forward to seeing you soon in Mixed Media Melange - and thanks to everyone for your lovely comments....I will keep on sharing the love :-)

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