Monday, December 13, 2010

Stitched Treasure Box

Last week of school - Yay. Had a great weekend - fabulous weather for the Touch finals, Sam got Most Valuable Player award in his T Ball (junior softball) team, and the Mums' birthdays both went well.
I made a small stitchy project was for my Mum's 70th - needed something to 'wrap' around the money gift we gave as a combined present. The original pattern is by Carol Fletcher and can be found in Quilting Arts Magazine #20. Have just discovered this project is now available free from Quilting Arts here (Dec 19)
This project has been on my 'must try' list for a while, so I was very happy to finally get one done, and I did it all in a day. So - quick project and really fun - I will definitely make more. Really useful for holding a voucher or cash. A couple of in progress pic's - this is the lining - I free-motion stitched from this side with the lovely variegated rayon ("Cradle Mountain" colourway from The Thread Studio) I had used for the satin stitched edging in the top and the metallic thread was in the bobbin, so when I turned it over it was all glittery and lovely.Finished with handstitched sequins with a small bead on top.Mum loved it.
And I have been particularly loving Jane LaFazio's beautifully stitched projects on her blog this past couple of months : particularly her Nostalgia Series here and here, and her latest inspiring creations with teabags. Check out her Slow Fiber set on Flickr - gorgeous.
Enjoy your week.


Christina said...

Lynnette, that is absolutely beautiful. You didn't need to put anything inside, it was a lovely gift in itself. What a happy day your mother must have had. I think you are both very special. xxx Aunty

Joan said...

I just love this Lynette. It is cute and so pretty. You have done a lovely job of it.
Have a great Christmas,
Cheers, Joan.

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