Saturday, November 6, 2010

This week's inspirations

Hope you have had a happy week. Mine has been full of lovely visual inspiration :
2 faces of Compassion - one of my favourite roses. Beautiful in bud And gorgeously scented in full bloom
This movie is great - it was an entertaining story with very strong characters, and lovely to see the footage at the end of the real women who were involved. Best quote "This is just my job, not my life"You MUST read this bookCarla Coulson wrote this book about her experiences when she moved from Australia to Italy - disillusioned with her life, and seeking more. The presentation of the book is stunning with its imagery, heavy pages and artistic layout. This is from the back cover and I can't say it any better "Carla's evocative text and rich photographs bring alive the laughter, warmth and passion of Italy. We meet the people who have embraced her; we see the streets, bars, churches and markets that have enchanted her; and we feel her gioia (joy). Italian Joy will make you yearn to follow Carla's footsteps and discover the true beauty of life in a magical place"
She now lives in France and has published some books about Paris that I am now dying to feast upon, and she also has a lovely blog featuring her gorgeous photography.
Other Blog love this week :
Martha Lever - a wonderful new chunky book using lots of lovely sprays...mmmmmmm
Cool idea from Ali Edwards - advent action cards - you could create your own artful ones without the template of course :-)
More colourful creativity from Julie Fei-Fan Balzer - I want to make her accordian fold mini album
Get a good visual art journaling fix here
I wish I had more space to wishing - hoping - that we might one day in the not-so-distant future create another room on our house that could enable me to have a larger room to make my creations. Can you recommend blogs of studio loveliness? Or ideas to feed my growing needs list for an art and quilt studio? A girl can dream ;-)

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