Sunday, November 14, 2010

Best of the week

Have been reading and enjoying thisSaw this DVD - my husband and I both enjoyed itMade another couple of cards - this is the one I remembered to photograph!Making (slow) progress on the applique quilt - liking the checkerboard sashingsLess than $10 for these useful lovelies - 3 sweet heart stamps; I have wanted a date stamp for journalling for a while now; and the cardboard cutout borders are so cute.I have added a badge to my sidebar for Balzer Designs Holidays Handmade week of craft coming up soon. Check more details here Maybe we can do some projects together.


milkcan said...

So glad you'll be joining in on Holidays Handmade!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lynette,

thankyoufor choosing to followmy blog, and share your valuable time with me. I am honoured.

Funny, we watched UP in the Air last night too, a movie that had not the usual ending. George Clooney is so hard on the eyes, isnt he??

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