Sunday, August 4, 2019

What really matters?

In my previous post reviewing July, I said how thrilled I am that I can recognise my own artistic voice in my work. How to find your style is a big question many people have, and I'm finding that mine is evolving through taking many classes and embracing the techniques I love, combining them regularly together on my journal pages. This spread is a perfect example of that. It began with leftover ink from my latest Rumi art card
followed by some white (to set that dylusions ink) and yellow to lighten up the rest of the page
Then I just started adding what I love : swiping on acrylics in colours I adore
Adding some inky drippage and some dark purple for a little contrast
Trying out stencils
I love purple!
I mixed my paint with iridescent medium - I took a photo of the spread at night to share progress in my July review. Night photos never show the correct colour, but they do have the advantage of reflecting the shimmer
Pen work
More layers
I started this page earlier in the week, and wasn't sure what message it would give me. As I was thinking about my usual 'to do' list and focus for the month (in my Inner Work Journal), I instead found myself listing intentions for living...
and then I read this article : Are the things that matter getting your attention?  I had the words and message I needed to complete my spread ♥
Creativity matters. You matter. Wishing you a joyful week.


  1. Gosh this is lovely. Do you sponge or roll your paint over the stencils?

    1. Thanks :-) I use a small cosmetic sponge. Dab paint onto sponge, dab off so not much left, and then dab down over stencil. Helps prevent too much bleed under and it's easier to add more paint than to remove it.

  2. This is just outstanding! So many layers and details. And I love the mandala stencils. Have you seen Carolyn Dube's new class "Mastering the Layers" on gel plate prints? I signed up- like you, I really enjoy online classes.

    1. ♥ I will have to check that class out...I have been collecting mandala stencils. They can be used in so many ways.


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