Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Daily Journaling Weeks 19-20

I am so proud of myself, we're a third of the way through the year and this is the first time I've had to compromise my daily journaling practice. There's just been too much going on in my life, and rather than stress about getting behind, I decided I'd combine prompts this week in a way that works for me. My creative practice is one of the joys of my life - I am not about to make it a chore ♥
I've been following the prompts of the original Documented Life 2014Week 19 : Document a random act of kindness from you and Week 20 : Use a rubber stamp in a new wayAnd from the blog for Life Documented 2017 HERE : Monthly Theme: Bold and Bright 
Week 19  : Prompt: Make your own Collage Paper 
Technique: use black gesso and tape in an envelope! 
Week 20 : Prompt: Paint colors, draw shapes and paint around them
Technique: Cut up your piece and make a page for your journal.
I sifted through all of that, and my original intention was to start by collaging using lovely inky under paper = a cheat's way of making your own collage paper ;-) , and then to use rubber stamps to put on shapes that I then painted around. Here's what actually happened.  First I went to my journal to look at the page size to decide how I'd do the journaling part with the prompt part - my next spread is clean, but the one after has already had stencil paint cleaned off on it so I decided to use the blank spread for the prompts, and my 2-week's journaling over the already-painted pages. 
The blank pages got the under paper treatment as my first collaged layer
Then instead of a stamp I decided to just use a mask and black paint (close enough to the prompt for black gesso I reckon!)
LOVE! Now to add some of my own touches....white pen dots and found words for a start
Then I just decided to use gold metallic sakura and write and doodle in the black gaps some of the things keeping me busy these 2 weeks.... (this next one is taken in daylight so looks different colours)
Over the page is the journaling - and now I have no pressure on this project and more time for other things....I just have to journal the rest of this week - Winning ♥
Want to share a couple of the photos larger : 
Was our school book week last week - fantastically successful and I loved being the witch for our last day where we all dressed up as book characters ♥
Saturday was our annual Tote & Gloat quilt show - 
That's my Disappearing Nine Patch quilt on the right. 
There'll be more about inspirations from that show in my next post. Hope you are having a lovely week. You can see all my posts about this Daily journaling project HERE and my Flickr album HERE

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