Friday, December 2, 2016

FFII : Week 3

Loving that I joined Effy's 8-week online class Facing Forward II : the things we need to hearEach face focuses on a different technique and I'm also enjoying the affirmations that we create to go with each. You get access indefinitely. Just as well, cos although she says "there is no 'behind' except the one you plant in your chair" class is about to finish! This lesson was a paint over collage and Effy was inspired by this image : 
Her sneak peek on FB was this :
I thought you might like to see that and see where I got to, using the same base collage image! 
I love how I started but got "stuck" here for a long time - just consumed by other projects and thought I was blocked because this stage was in my journal for weeks. However, once I got going again and changed her up with some white, she developed nicely.
I am a bit sad that her wildness above becomes a bit too tamed below. I pushed to keep going one night when I should have sat with it...I don't hate her, but not as in love with her....
Next day decided I need to fix that hair 
And although I took her in a totally different direction than I had thought - OMG - in love again!
Attention to lips and bringing back some darker shading made my happiness complete
I ♥ that we can end up in such different places from the exact same starting point. All along I was thinking the affirmation "Brave enough to choose my own path. I know what is right for me" and in the end I decided I didn't need to add the words. I am happy she is complete and gives the message without them.
See all the blog posts about the faces I've created in this class HERE. See my Flickr album for all my art from Book of Days and Facing Forward II classes with Effy HERE


  1. It's so fun to see her develop through the stages. Love the patterns in her hair!

  2. Thanks - I just love using stencils in this way :-)


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