Sunday, December 11, 2016

Birthday cards

Today we celebrated birthdays for my mum, her sister, and my husband's mum. All love the garden, so this serviette was the perfect inspiration for their cards
No idea where I picked this up. It was just a single in my collection - probably pocketed from a nice shared morning tea at work! Initially used a fav paint and stencil for 4 bases
but then I cleaned the stencil and wiped through it with the coloured wipe - ♥ these even more! 
I may have tried more but that was all the card I had left. I had originally thought I would add a quarter of the serviette to each of 4 cards, but it was too fun to instead mix them up -
These are the three I completed, adding my usual stitch. And now I have some spare birthday card bases
Will share when they are completed.

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  1. Love how you used the images from the serviettes! So bright and colourful. Looks like an easy and enjoyable process to make multiple cards like this.


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