Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Documenting life : remember September

Last time I did a daily journaling post was 1st September. I noted that although I'm still trying to do something creative every day, I've been feeling less like documenting my everyday happenings and instead concentrating on meaningful journal spreads. Effy calls it 'meeting yourself on the page'. September has been a roller coaster of highly stressful events interspersed {thankfully} with times of great joy. Our One Little Word prompt from Ali Edwards for September was to pay attention and it was good for me to focus on my joyful highlights. I figure it fits my word "Transform" by artfully creating a positive spin on the month.
I used the weekly DLP 2016 unPlanner prompts for inspiration to add artful touches. September Week 1 was to add an organic element. The examples from the artists were twigs, but I needed something flatter in my journal and I was pleased to remember my microwave flower press. I haven't used it for ages :-)
The hellebore ended up quite tissue thin so I glued it carefully with gel medium as I would tissue paper, and it inspired some doodled spring flowers.
DLP Week 2 : Stitch on your card. I decided to tear a card of paint samples, and since I had a feather, decided to use that organic element as well. Plenty of stitch on this one.
I went to a Craft and Quilt Fair last month so decided to enhance my page by using some of the new stencils I purchased there.
Since buying my lovely new coloured pencils for face shading recently, I thought it would be fun to use some magic Koh-i-noor pencils on my pages - not watersoluble with multi-coloured leads. I used them a couple of times on this page to add framing.
DLP Week 3 : Mark making in black and white over colour. I enjoyed the doodling I'd done on a Book of Days page earlier in the month so used that as additional inspiration.
When you look at the final spread you'll notice I used the white pen dot to highlight quite a lot. The first weekend of the school holidays was another girls' weekend in Raumati. The weather was nice enough on Saturday to have a lovely long beach walk
The Wearable Arts show was indeed WOW! No photography allowed during the actual show, but this was The Brancott Estate Supreme WOW Award winner : SUPERNOVA by Gillian Saunders, New Zealand. Made of recycled leather, gems, marker pen ink. 
To get a taste of the show, here's a link to videos. You will find close-up video of the supreme winner and click on the one called Interview : Tor Columbus & Ross McCormack which has snippets of the show alongside an interview with the Director and Principal of Choreography chatting about the creative process. See much more at the official FB page for WOW - including photos of all the section winners and a photo album of the show.
DLP Week 4 : Add stripes. Started with a wee journaling block with added white dots for sparkle 
You can see in the finished spread that the addition of black & white over colour AND stripes prompts appears in various forms in lots of places. This is the completed spread of joyful things for Remember September. Click on any photo to see it larger.
You can see my Flickr album with all my daily journaling spreads HERE. You can find out more about DLP 2016 the unPlanner HERE.

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