Monday, October 3, 2016

Celebration of Quilts show highlights

On the weekend we had our local club's biennial quilt show called Celebration of Quilts - and what a celebration it was. There were over 180 quilts on show not counting our guest exhibitors. Check out all the ribbon winners at the club blog HERE. Click on any of my photos to see them larger.
We had 2 very talented guest exhibitors : Anna Williams lives in Marton and has won many awards both here and overseas. This is "Rangoli"
And a perfect quilt for this time of year : "Spring is just around the corner" 
Our other exhibitor was our current club president Chrissy Sheed. These are some of her lovely art quilts : 
The quilts in the general exhibition were displayed on large black stands. This was the lay out :
These were the quilts that most inspired me
A couple of recent works by Chrissy Sheed. Above "Organic Lace" and Below "Strata Magic"
Liz Gates "My painted fabric" - all of the fabric in this quilt started out white! and I really like the pieced arrangement :
I seemed to be attracted to a few blue based quilts this time :
Above and below "Lakehouse waves" and "Fractured Black and Blue" by Andrea Harris
I was thrilled that Anne Adams won a red ribbon for "Snails at sea"
Dianne Southey's "Spring fling" is so bright and fresh
I am always drawn to applique quilts - this small lovely is "Colourful bloomers" by Sonja Revell
Then there are quilts that I ♥ because of their combination of colours and gorgeous quilting. Jenny Anderson's quilt "Kaffe Fassett rainbow quilt" was one of these
It was beautifully quilted by Erilyn McMillan
Wilma Minee's "Lanterns" won a couple of ribbons and also my viewer's choice vote
Jacqui Karl's stunning quilting gave the perfect finish
The final 2 I want to share are also by Wilma Minee. In a more naive style, they spoke to my love of gardens and butterflies
Above "City Garden" and below "Butterfly Stripes"
And the best surprise - I entered 3 of my quilts and when I went to the show I was thrilled to find I won a merit ribbon!
Hope you are inspired to get quilting....My next project is this pieced top that I need to layer up and quilt.


  1. She parents. She works. She blogs. She quilts. She is Superwoman. Congrats on your highly commended, it's a beautiful quilt, Superwoman.

  2. Awww - thanks Sue. This Superwoman doesn't have a clean oven and needs to get in the garden though!


    Hey this reminded me of you - a combo of art journaling and quilting..


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