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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Birthday cards

One thing leads to another....I've always said why make one card when you can make four? I recently needed to create a card for a 50th birthday - my friend loves orange so I started by spraying 2 card fronts with orange and another favourite colour, and then while inky stencils were still in place, to make prints with another 2 card fronts
Then it was time to add some lovely black imaged serviettes
and I seemed to be able to go on and complete them easily.
I went a bit crazy on adding layers on the bottom right, so needed something strong to sort it out. I had another wonderful serviette with orange butterflies on a black background which was the perfect solution for a strong but lovely focal
I am really happy with these. Bonus : a year ago I participated in a postcard swap and had a card base (bottom left) from afterwards that I never had the inspiration to finish....
until now. Turns out it also needed an orange butterfly, some found words, and a bit more stitch :-)
Guess I need to get onto Christmas card making soon...

1 comment:

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Love the cards Lynette! The stitching gives them such a boost! Great stencil work as well! I have a love/hate relationship with spray inks!

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