Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Week 9 : DLP 2015

Information about the FREE Documented Life Project is HERE.
It's no secret that I love layers so was quite happy to see this next challenge. Sharing my step by step again so you can see what I worked through. It's also very useful for my own inspiration to look back on this later. Have been itching to get back to using my gelli plate so decided I would use it to start this spread.
Love the purple but didn't pull as much yellow as I thought it would so printed over with another gelli print
Mmmm - like the left, but not the right so much. Try another layer with green
Now I pretty much hate it! It's too dark, I don't like that green (although that's what I put down on the gelli plate!) and I've covered up what I liked! Decided to put gesso over the lot to tone it down and leave it over night...note that a bit of the paint has lifted from the brayer because it was not quite dry but I can cover that as I continue to layer.
Next day I look with a fresh eye. First thing I need to do is continue lightening this up and change it back to a colour I love. Not sure what yet, so while I'm thinking I put in the daiy journaling area in the one area of the page I think looks reasonable. I like that lavender in the background so use that pen colour.
I have had an idea of what I want to go on the page so decide a lovelier green layer is next. Pulled out my current favourite paints 
I added some blue on the rubbing plate I used for my first gelli print (the swirly pattern) and used that as a stamp. Then I swiped the green on with a credit card, quickly followed by the blue through an arrow stencil
Much much yummier immediately :-) I have an idea at this stage of butterflies above some kind of flowers at the bottom - maybe stamped - maybe in next thing I do is add some black printed washi tape to make some strong graphic pattern. I think that's layer 6 already so not counting now!
I know I want 5 butterflies up high on the page for the "Give me a high five" part of the challenge, so I stamp butterflies in 5 different colours on a dictionary page.
Once cut out, I also add artful words from the larger print headings from that same dictionary - this limits my choice of words but challenges me to think wider about the message I want to share on this page about creating my art. Click on any photo to see it larger.
Now I need to add in some of the butterfly colours to the background so the finished spread will be cohesive. First up is purple 
then I want to add some plants along the bottom and decide on ferns through a stencil. Orange is missing and quickly remedied
I don't want it all looking too dark so add some outlining with my favourite white pen and my new white stamp pad
Add the butterflies and feeling pretty happy about how it's looking
Funnily enough, I think it just needs a few touches of black, so I stamp irregularly with small black circles and now I can call it done. Click on the photo to get the full effect.
I'm back using my favourite palette, and I feel so happy about how this page turned out I don't care about whether I "should" {who says!} be challenging myself to use different coloursYou can see all my posts about this project HERE and I've created a Flickr album for all my Documented Life 2015 spreads HERE.


Sue Rostron said...

Love this and really love the butterflies from old book pages.

Lori Saul said...

Amazing and inspirational journal art!

Carin Winkelman said...

Very beautiful. Loving all the layers.

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