Friday, March 27, 2015

LOVE birthday gift

I have a special arty friend who always gives me gorgeous handmade gifts for my birthday. I saw this wooden word at Spotlight 
Covered it with a layer of gesso and then 2-3 layers of these lovely soft green paints
Then collaged on pieces of serviette with mod podge
some lovely found words
embellished with painted dots and inked stamps - seedheads are a favourite of hers
And now it's a lovely piece of wall art 
Click on the photo to enjoy it larger


Katherine said...

Thanks so much for my beautiful gift -I so love that its full of your lovely friendship and so many of the things that I love! I feel very blessed!

Sue Marrazzo said...

so so sweet

Sue Rostron said...

It's really pretty and a lovely way to celebrate a great friendship.
Hey today I was wondering what the NZ equivalent of deli paper is so I asked Uncle Google. The first hit was your blog mention of it.
That makes you the NZ art Journalling queen, officially!

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