Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Recent inspirations

It's useful to find sources of free images and illustrations. Karen J. Hatzigeorgiou has just developed 2 new websites of images for anyone who needs them....both have FREE low resolution images which are great for many purposes. She also has high-resolution images available for a small price.
Design Image Source is devoted to supplying inspirational images gleaned from her old design books. Here's a screenshot of that site :
Silhouette Art specialises in black & white silhouette images. 
I'm thinking this site would be great for patterns for stencils.
Don't forget her original site Karen's Whimsy - you can get fabulous alphabets there to inspire you own lettering.
It's lovely to have new people contact me when they discover my blog. Recently I had another local person emailing about sources for gelli plates in New Zealand. 
They are hard to come by, so I have updated my list of Where I shop for mixed media supplies with a source at The Scrap Heap. You can always find that link easily over in my sidebar. And there's information HERE about what I use as deli paper as an option to print on.
If you've seen Creative Jumpstarts this year they have been using Liquitex supplies. Very impressed lately to see that Ochre Art Supplies in Square Edge here in Palmerston North have a fabulous range of their spray paints and paint pens, as well as the usual range of paints and mediums. You can also order from them online by following that link.
And it you like to look at other people's fabric, thought you might like to see my new purchases from quilt symposiumI had some colours I was specifically looking for to complement my existing stash - they're the neutral-lemon yellow and blues below. I only buy either .3 of a metre or a fat quarter so I can get more variety for my money.
I also have a quilt in mind that I could use the purples in...the butterflies were just because they're pretty :-) And because I have some large bits of fabric already in my stash that need using, I thought I might be able to put some to good use if I purchased this pattern :
I'll share when I make one (or more than one hopefully!)  Still Part 3 to come about the quilts I saw at Symposium...


Carin Winkelman said...

Thanks for the links Lynette. I love the fabrics. The two reds look like pictures I have in my inspiration picture book of fabrics by Kaffe Fassett, so I'm wondering if they are?
I always buy small pieces too. I don't quilt, but I mainly use my fabrics for journal covers, so I don't need much either. I have tons of fabrics in my stash and a lot of them have a big rectangle cut out of them. ;-)
Look forward to your skirt! (now that's a thing you don't say every day)

Lynette (NZ) said...

Yes - the 2 red fabrics are Kaffee Fassett, as are the 2 yellows top right. Just love them :-)

Carin Winkelman said...

They are gorgeous indeed. :-)

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