Monday, December 29, 2014

Creative projects in 2015

I'm finishing off a couple of projects this week, but with 2015 just around the corner, it's time to share what I'm going to focus on creatively in the new year. 
The main thing I want to make in 2015 is quilts - lots of quilts.
I am starting the year right with our national Quilt Symposium in January 2015 here in Palmerston North. This is the main venue :
I'm also taking 2 post-symposium day classes through our club with Karen Stone - love her work and a good way to start the year with fabric and colour design ideas. In 2012 I tried Creating a Book a Month - didn't quite make it but I did make 6 which is more than I would have done without that goal. Wondering if I should try that goal for quilts in 2015 - made 2 this year. Here are the links in case you are new to my blog : Christmas tree quilt and Simply Delicious quilt
Next is Art Journaling - which I could never give up :-)
I have committed to Life Book 2015 which starts on January 1st - because it is such good value {NZ$152 which spread over the year = $2.92 per week! and there's a 3-part payment plan if needed as well} -  because I want to get out of my comfort zone and try some different ways of making art (eg. faces) - because I've never tried it before and want to find out about it for myself - because the teachers are amazing...
Tam promises an inspired, creative and nourishing year - get in touch with your creative inner fire! Go HERE for the full schedule of lesson dates, teachers and weekly offerings. And she's posted a pic of her first lesson....I just hope I'll be able to create something half as beautiful
My other art journal focus will be The Documented Life Project for 2015 which will inform my daily journaling.
And just for fun...
I was going to resist doing Creative Jumpstart in January 2015, but I just couldn't!
At only US$25 you get 25 videos from 23 artists, and access to all content until November 2015. It was the list of artists participating this time around that sold me (also $5 off for returning Jumpstarters)
The online classes I have enrolled in with Mary Ann Moss over the last few years will expire for me in 2016 so I should devote some time to them. 
The 2 Stitched and Stenciled classes are permanently retired. The other 2 on the left are still available to you but with different purchase options.
I am also very inspired by the work of Anne Brooke, and would like to explore some collage ideas and create some mounted art pieces.

Works by Anne Brooke
I will continue to update my list of Cheap and FREE online art classes that you can always get to in my sidebar. Check out the new possibilities there.
What's on your list?


Wendy Watson said...

Wow! Busy you! And a family, and a job! But expending energy gets you more and being creative . . . well, you can't not do it!

I'm doing a class with Karen Ruane. Swathed in Cloth, one with Jude Hill, Small Journey's where she yalks and shows her process, but I've still have to come to grips with 21 Secrets but fortunately there's plenty of time.

I shall look forward to seeing you quilts!

Wendy Watson said...

And thanks for the introduction to Anne Brooke. Wonderful!

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