Friday, May 9, 2014

Inspired by Quilts

Last Saturday our quilt club had their annual Tote & Gloat show. Here are my favourite quilts. Click on the photo to see them in closer up detail
In awe of the quilting. Created by Erilyn McMillan

Love the colours and simplicity of this one. Created by Barbara Pritchard
Again, love the colour combo and the stitching is divine.
Another quilt created by Barbara Pritchard. 
There were 2 club challenges this year. The above 3 quilts are from the "Modern Quilt" challenge, and the the below 3 from the "2 colour" challenge.
Clever layering and lovely colour combination. Created by Sheryl Meech
I just love how the colours move in this one. Created by Liz Gates
Just love this - the curves, the quilting, the flowers.
Ellen {don't know last name} - new to our club
Click HERE if you would like to see all the prize winning quilts.
There were also quilts on show made in the last 12 months. 
Lovely painted quilt with gorgeous stitched details.
Again - don't know who to credit for this one?
Gorgeous piece of fabric used to fabulous stitched effect. Created by Dianne Southey
And these were my favourites from the Aotearoa Quilters Blue 12"x12" challenge exhibition
"Summer Holiday" by Shirley Sparks 
"Tibetan Poppy" by Kathleen Burford
"Loose End" by Sue-Ellen Saundilands
Winner of the challenge this year "Blue Girl" by Mary Transom
Our speaker was Dale Rollerson of the Thread Studio. She was very entertaining and I loved looking at her work up close afterwards.
I've been preparing a post to share our recent South Island holiday explorations so that will be up next time. Have a great weekend


  1. WOW, what stunning works. I particularly love the light purple and yellow flowers one, and the face, and the mini felted 'quilts'.

  2. Hi Lyn! The lady that made the purple one with the yellow flowers her first name is Ellen a new member at RCQ She does the most amazing work. Ellen attended the workshop on Monday lovely lovely lady.


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