Saturday, May 17, 2014


EDIT - if you've entered my blog at this post, you need to know that I started blogging again on July on that date or "Newer Post" at the bottom of the page and read why I couldn't stop after all!
I have been blogging for almost 4 years now and have decided it's time for me to stop.
It's not a sudden decision for me. You might remember that in February I blogged about Trying to get to where I want to be. From that post :: 
This is a pretty wordy post, considering I could have just posted my first sentence, but I've loved blogging so much, I might have to come back and remind myself why I've stopped!
I spend a lot of time creating my blog (taking photographs of my creative steps, cropping them, composing the post, loading the photos, editing, adding labels, linking to other posts) – that’s all time I feel I'll be happier spending just creating.
Often I finish a smaller project to be able to get a blog post done instead of working on a larger project where my heart really is. I know that’s not what I have to do, and others don't work like that, but it’s what I've felt I needed to do to keep my blog interesting.
Given the above, at times it can be disappointing to create a post and then get no comments – I didn't start the blog to get an award or 20 comments a day, but it is nice to know when someone has called by and liked what they saw. Sometimes it's hard to blog when you don't think anyone is interested. I've moved on from feeling disappointed about no comments. Stats show that people visit regularly. When I get comments they do give me a buzz, but they are not the reason I blog.
When I started, my reasons for blogging included I want to have a diary of my art experiments/projects; a visual record of what I am watching, reading, seeing, thinking.
My daily calendar journaling practice will now take care of that need.
I've met lots of lovely people in blogland, and I will still call in occasionally and catch up on what you're doing at your online place. 
And I find it both nice, and ironic, that what I shared in my second blog post back in July 2010 Note to Self is now a really good place for me to finish ::


jenn said...

You'll be missed. I just recently found your blog and you have some amazing stuff and I would love to see more, but I also completely understand your reasonings. I hope to see more from you in the future though.



Katherine said...

Will really miss all of your inspiring and beautiful blog posts but am blessed that I am still able to catch up with you in person and keep sharing creative joys!!!

Aunty said...

Dear Lynette, I have loved your Blog and often visited without leaving messages, but loving every post and following your suggested links. Blogging has been a part of your very creative, colourful and exciting journey. You are a very talented, artistic, lovely person and I look forward to seeing and hearing where you head next. xx

Nina Fenner said...

Good for you, I made the same decision earlier this year, have lots of fun x

Sue Marrazzo said...

Have Fun CREATING!!!!!

Wendy @ the Late Start Studio said...

I've made a decision about having more time to create as well and while I will miss your blog, I'm sure we can and will keep in touch. With a 5 day a week day-job and a lovely family, I understand the time to create is just too precious to spend blogging. You'll share images on Facebook now and then though won't you?

Gemma Day said...

Goodbye and happy creating :)

Jacqui Chimes said...

I will miss you Lyn although to be honest I pretty much agree with you and will probably stop blogging too - I find it harder and harder to ' be bothered' and tending to do more personal art that I don't especially want to blog anyway - I am glad to have ' known' you. I don't think I will ever get to NZ but if youre ever over this side of the world do get in touch

karen said...

I'm sorry blogging hasn't been everything you had hoped. I don't think people realise how much work e put into these things but please know that I understand completely, images, words, editing and then the creativity on top of that.I only found your comment this morning on my own blog as I have been having technology issues....I hope everything works out for you...take care, Karen

Caatje said...

Oh, what a pity. I really enjoyed your work, especially the textile and fiber stuff.
I know it can be disappointing when noone comments, but then again I often visit blogs and don't comment myself and checking statistics usually sets me at ease that people do actually show up.
I have cut down on lots of online activities though, so now the blog (and facebook, but that's for different reasons) is my only online presence.
I hope this frees your mind from feeling you have to somehow do stuff for the blog and gives your creativity a wonderful boost. Good luck to you!

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