Friday, May 10, 2013

Silver Thimble

I got this thimble last week. It is silver and especially valuable to me beause it belonged to my lovely Gran, aged 102, who died last week. And before that, it belonged to her mother, so I guess stitching is in my blood. Gran wore the rose gold bangle every day, and now it lives on my wrist.
I also got these back

It is lovely to see that the fabric cover is now marked with use from all the times she showed them to visitors. So it's been a sad time, but also a time of celebration for a life lived with great joy
Be back here soon....


  1. Dear Lynette so sorry to hear about your loss, but how wonderful that you have had your grandmother for so many years,the thimble and bracelets are wonderful memories to use, your fairy shoes and box for them are so beautiful.
    Hugs Anni (I write from my new blog)

  2. What lovely memories you have Lyn

  3. Rose gold is the metal I associate with my own mother who was of the same generation as your grandmother. I'll wear it today. Thanks.

    As for your previous post . . . WOW!


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