Friday, May 31, 2013

Mystery Piecing

I've managed to sneak in a wee bit of stitching before the end of May. This month was Part 3 of Susan Claire's Chain Reaction Mystery Quilt. No cutting any fabric this time. Stitching instructions resulted in 9 pieced shoo-fly blocks
A friend sent me this which you will enjoy if you are a stitcher (click on it to read it larger) : 

I've been thinking about quilting mother-in-law pieced a quilt top and I offered to quilt it. It should be next on my list since I was hoping to have it done for her for Christmas....last Christmas that was! Anyway - I've been thinking about it....I picked up this great book from the library which has some great modern quilting patterns in it
Get a sneak preview via Amazon here
I particularly like the ideas she has which combine patterns.
She has a lovely blog with great photos of her her quilting.
To be further inspired, check out this flickr group :: Quilting Inspired by Angela Walters
And check out another review of the book by Fresh Lemons - it's another cool blog of modern quilting.
Hoping that June's going to be a more creative month for me. See you again soon.

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