Monday, April 8, 2013

Slippers, Serviettes and the Mystery Quilt

Daylight savings is over in New Zealand and it's like a switch flipped to cooler weather...luckily I bought some new slippers the other day
- the soles were the main reason for my choice! This is a very quick rubbing with a crayon to a base journal page.
Fun Yes? So what have you got in your closet...
April also brings part 2 of Susan Claire's Chain Reaction Mystery Quilt which I started here. Here's what I've got after the second set of instructions
I got some art journaling time on the weekend. Wanted to create a page to remember our trip away at Easter - these are tickets from the Chiefs vs Blues rugby game and a serviette from the birthday party.
This is the base page in my journal
And here's all of that together as a completed page
I love the translucence of the tissue/serviette. A useful technique for tearing tissue is to outline the area with a paint brush dipped in water
The design tears out easily and blends to the background when you glue with gel medium.

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