Sunday, April 21, 2013

Art Journal pages

Another couple of pages in my Full Tilt Boogie Journal.
Stage 1:
Stage 2 :
Complete : 
Animals from a card by Jane Ray
Before : 
Gorgeous illustrated woman from a small calendar by Erte
After :
Stitched organza over paper left over from winter calendar pages a couple of years ago, and tape made by me. Loving putting leftover elements to good use.


  1. Lynette this is really beautiful. So much to see. Wonderful work.
    lovely greet and nice Sunday

  2. Lynette your pages are all so wonderful, love that you use postcard and other things for your pages, I took the class last year, Mary Ann is very inspiring.

  3. Lovely handmade tape -seeing it again inspires me to sit down on a rainy afternoon and make some more!


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