Saturday, June 23, 2012

Workshop Thursday

Thursday was the end of my birthday week spent with a lovely friend sharing and creating.
We started with coffee and cake and lovely gifts that show just how well she knows me...not forgetting the cool wrapping paper and ribbons that have been added to my stash ;-)
The butterfly is a beautiful lavender pillow - it smells divine and is gorgeous layers of silk sari, chiffon and thread. The book is a catalogue of Becky Adams' creations. This is her website - click on the button icons there to see examples of her charming work.
We had a creative playday which resulted in these lovely papers.
They started as plain brown paper which we scribbled on with wax crayons, and then scrunched up many times to make it soft, pliable, and more fabricy - it is amazing how just that process changes the feel of the paper.
We then added swipes of inkpad and sprays, and finished with metallic rub-ons which pick up the wrinkles in the paper (in the example below the rub-ons are only on the top 1/2 of the paper so far).
Here's a close-up of a finished paper (even closer if you click on the picture). I am so looking forward to using them.
This technique comes from Sarah Lawrence's new book :
Jacqui of Jacques Junque made some beautiful examples using this process, and created a lovely journal too - check them out here.
We also had a go at a couple of quick techniques using cardstock which had been embossed through a cuttlebug.
The above had gesso swiped over them, and then Tim Holtz distress ink pads blended over the top. They look a bit like worn architecture...And this last is  distress ink pads again, this time with a different technique highlighting the embossing.
Hope you are having a creative weekend. Talk to you next week.


  1. Lovely samples - it is a great technique and stitches beautifully - thank you for the 'shout out'! I love your cuttlebug examples too - must try that.

    Migraines improving a bit - hope its the Magnesium - I have been taking it for nearly 3 weeks - thank you

  2. Happy belated birthday! I love the papers you've been creating, I have those very same metallics, I love them! Mx


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