Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wedding quilt

We've been to Auckland to celebrate our nephew's wedding.
A bit late in the piece, I decided I wanted to make them a wedding quilt. Shared the fabrics with you a few weeks ago - a tight deadline but I made it.
Including a homemade card
with appropriate words inside
I am always amazed to see how the quilt changes through the different processes. This block shows the difference of part just basted down (I used 505 basting spray) and the other part appliqued
Click on images for more detail
Also enjoy the difference from basted top
to finished article
You can see more in the detail shots
Appliqued and basted
Quilting detail
Appliqued and basted
Quilted detail
And a few more quilting close-ups on blocks
I really had fun with the quilting
This is my take on a design by Donna Ward - check it out here if you want to make your own variation.
Wishing the lovely couple every happiness for their future together


  1. What a beautiful piece of work Lynette - it's gorgeous

  2. Lovely quilt! I'm sure that brought a few gasps of pleasure!

  3. Gorgeous quilt -and beautiful texture from all your lovely quilting!

  4. They're so lucky to have such a talented family member!
    It's a truly exquisite quilt that will become an heirloom for generations to come.

    Joyeux Noel

  5. Wow, what a stunning quilt. Love the card as well. Have a Happy Christmas. :)

  6. Oh wow... that is gorgeous!!
    All those details. You sure put a lot of work in it!

    Have a nice christmas!

    xx Tessa

  7. Beautiful quilt! Lots of work in that, you did a great job to get it done in time!
    Merry Christmas! x


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