Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New stencils and stamps

The food, sunshine, and lovely motel was only part of the story at Napier...I made some purchases too :-)
Liked the look of these Lines and Dots stencils from Nellie Snellen.
They are designed to be used with Distress Ink and pressed through a Cuttlebug but I like the idea of spraying through them
or sponging ink through them works well.
Got this cool wee pad of Tim Holtz Reinforcers
- close-up of what's inside here.
Bought some lovely stamps too. Can't wait to try out these gorgeous big flowers.
This lovely swirly tree stamp will be useful for Christmas, but not exclusively so.
And I'm thinking this tree will be fantastic to use as a mask

Blog love for the week :  if you are looking from some new inspiration for your stencils : Kenner Road has some very cool examples of what you can do with stencils and modeling paste that I really would like to try.


Caatje said...

I love the tree stencil. Enjoy your new supplies!

Erilyn said...

What a lot of yummy stuff! Love the bird on the music!

Katherine said...

Lovely loot - very cool trees!

Debrina said...

Nice lot of purchases here, Lynette! I love everything about Napier. It's high time our family went over there again. I'm thinking this summer...

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Great stash - any trip is more fun when you get to buy goodies too!!

The tree stamp is awesome for Xmas cards!

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