Saturday, August 27, 2011

More spray play and some quilty blog love

Another file folder from Roben-Marie's course...
Stage one
Stage two
Still loving the shimmer but have just ordered a few new Adirondack colour wash sprays (Butterscotch, Cranberry, Stream and Lettuce) so will be fun to try a different look. The  dark purple below is an older Adirondack colour wash : Eggplant. The flowers on the right are gesso.
Although I am loving the sprays, I am feeling the lack of taking some time to stitch...only a month left on my contract working at the library :-)
In the meantime, I have been inspired by some of the photos on recent blogs sharing the Festival of Quilts 2011 in the UK.
Linda Vincent took some lovely close-up shots and directed me to Maggi who has slideshows here and here 
Pam Holland did a number of posts with fabulous photos of quilts, and good commentaries too. This is the link to Birmingham Day 3 but you must move back and forwards to other posts of wonderful inspiration on other days. I picked this day for my link because I was very taken by the quilt called Ammonoidia by C June Barnes - also shared by Borderline Quilter
Carolyn Saxby always inspires, and this post is not exception.
And there are a lot of beautiful photos here on this facebook page by Sally-Ian Farquhar.
Hoping there is something there to inspire you too. Enjoy your weekend.


Katherine said...

love your flowers of gesso and the wonderful shadowed effect you've got with your sprays and stencils!
And thanks to all your links Ive had a fantastic wander through the Festival of Quilts, and have loved Carry Ackroyd's prints which I was led to by Carolyn Saxby's post!

primdollie said...

very fun love the blues!! don't have a lot of blues in mine!! you will love the adirondack sprays I have them all I think!! also the new ones from Roben Marie they are great as well!! keep having fun!! hugs!!

Tessa said...

Thankx for your lovely comment at my blog! I really love these blue backgrounds they are great.

xx Tessa

Bonita Rose said...

oh my your folders are beautiful.. I am in RM class too.. isn't it fabulous.. u can find more of my folders here, Love your work so far, isn't it fun?? xo hugs bonitarose

Roben-Marie said...

Very pretty background! I like the monochromatic blues and the lace doilies are perfect! So glad you are enjoying the workshop!! :)

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