Friday, September 3, 2010

This week's inspiration

Spring is here - at least it was sunny and gorgeous on 1st September!
I managed to do another fusible applique block (from this quilt pattern). Have decided mine is only going to be a 9 block so this means I am over 1/2 way there for this initial step :-)
I have been without shampoo for about 5 weeks now - thanks to advice contained in this book.
I am embracing my curls more than ever before, and have even done away with straightening my fringe. I have lost the frizz factor, and my hair stays down instead of moving out sideways as the day goes on. Here's proof! This was taken about 4pm this afternoon - after a windy walk, and no extra products added. When my fringe grows out, it will be perfect. I am telling all my curly haired friends (and some strangers who ask!) to switch away from shampoo, to just using a good, silicone-free conditioner.
Okay - onto some blog love for this week :
Did you know that there are lots of free images/textures/
backgrounds to use posted on flickr? Click here. I hadn't thought of that - Thanks to Caatje
Have a look at this bernina promo video for some cool edge techniques - 3 great alternatives for arty quilts or smaller projects.
I really like this Happy Bag - am thinking about how to use this idea for some bags of my own.
Thought I would end today with another YouTube video. These guys are one of my fav groups at the moment - they are kiwis, and this song is so beautiful. Hope you enjoy it and that it inspires you to hear more of "Midnight Youth"

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