Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fun with Painted Fusible

I really enjoy using painted fusible web. You need to use a fusible web which has a release paper backing, and I like to use lumiere metallic paint. Take a look at the instructions from Pokey Bolton here. Below is a piece which has been painted and dried overnight - still on the release paper. As you can see it is really nice to use different colours. The metallic sheen is lovely.Once dry, you turn it face-down on your chosen fabric, and iron over the release paper. Once cool, peel off the release paper, and you are left with a lovely layer. You can iron onto a variety of fabrics. This is onto velvet - the purple layer beneath that spiral.This is onto green cotton. Some of it stuck a bit when I tried to release it, but I think that just adds to the lovely textures. And once you sew or embellish over it, you won't notice these small imperfections.This is also onto cotton but I cut the fusible into heart shapes before fusing down.This is onto lutradur (hope to show you this project completed within the next week)And this is onto organza.I did a class with Sandra Meech and she used this same technique, except with ordinary acrylic paint. We painted in deliberate layers so that when we ironed it onto a medium weight interfacing, it is ready to be the base for a landscape creation.As you can see, you can use this technique for many different applications....give it a try & let me know what you come up with.


  1. WOW, what a cool technique. Thanks so much for your comment today!

  2. What a great technique with stunning results! I can think of all sorts of projects this would come in handy for... oh no another distraction...

  3. Congratulations. The patterns look awesome!

    I want to paint fusible interface but everything with the same tone, it would be like a 1 X 1 square yard. It must be with a nontoxic and water resistant paint. What kind of paint would you suggest?

  4. Hi Gerardo - I'm just someone who plays with paint so an art store could give you better advice about the specific properties you are looking for. This technique should work with any kind of paint as with the last example. It's so fun to to have the base layer showing through. Enjoy


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