Sunday, June 10, 2018

Book of Days : Dream

I decided to simplify my creative intentions for June and since I want to increase my art journaling practice, I decided to focus on work in my art journal weekly. This week I wanted to do a catch-up lesson from Session 1 of Book of Days featuring my gorgeous iridescent paints
First lovely sprays
and then iridescent colours with a bit of black and white stenciling
I really can't capture the gorgeous shimmer in a photograph. 
Trust me - it's beautiful ♥ Love working in my altered book since the words add an extra layer of interest in the background. I add some masking tape to the centre join so I don't get any bleeding through to other pages. Next was to add a figure and a flower and since I'd like to include a quote, I went looking for that first. I love Mary Oliver's poems, so googled her name with "Winter" (our current season in NZ) and this took my breath away : 
Context : my lovely Dad died in February, and these past few days I've been hit with fresh waves of grief. Our theme for June in Effy's other year-long class, Moonshine, is to frolic. Those stanzas are from Mary Oliver's poem "Starlings in Winter" which you can read complete HERE
I only spotted the word 'grief' in the background right near finishing this page.
My page didn't turn out anything like Effy's lesson, but it's mine and it means a lot.
You can sign up for this and other classes by Effy Wild HERE. See my Flickr album of all art work inspired by Effy's classes HERE.


  1. A beautiful page, Lynette! It must look stunning with the added shimmer of those iridescent paints. I would need some more focus too as I'm very scatty at he moment going from one project (or obsession) to something completely different in quick succession, but having such a good time, I'll just let myself drift a little longer. I do realise though that if I want to develop certain areas, I would probably need to spend more time focusing on one thing.

  2. Summer is lovely for trying lots of new things with all that extra time. I just feel like I need to focus to push through these bleaker days.


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